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Officially 💫3️⃣1️⃣💫

October 8, 2021

Wow – I am officially a “thirty something” today. I thought that birthday was worthy of a post, mainly because for some reason I didn’t end up posting last year on the blog. And really, that’s okay because it was a hard year. The pandemic threw us all for a loop last year and my dear gram passed away, too (who was my absolute heart – I wrote about her previously here.) Between dealing with grief, anxiety, and the other emotions that the pandemic brought upon us all, it was a lot.

But in between all of the darker moments, there is always light. So I wanted to take a moment to recollect on all of the good this past year to bring on the good cheer for what’s to come with 31.

I have had the support of such wonderful family and friends…and, of course, my amazing husband who helped hold space for me to get through the challenging times.

I also quit Benadryl. For those who haven’t followed my journey, I am an insomniac (read about my life with insomnia here.) Long story short, I took “diphen” aka Benadryl nightly since 2009 (after trying countless other sleep meds when my insomnia first started.) I didn’t want to rely on it anymore…especially when it didn’t always work anyhow! So I took a week off of work and quit it cold turkey! My insomnia is still there and waxes and wanes in intensity but, overall, my sleep is still slightly better than when I was “addicted” to my benadryl. I occasionally take Unisom once or twice a week now on really rough nights and also take melatonin nightly (melatonin did zilch for me before stopping benadryl) so I think this was a major win for year 30 and am so proud of myself for this.

I also invested in myself by getting a Peloton at the end of January. I haven’t worked out this much since high school and love my bike! I am working on consistency with a goal of working out 3 times a week. I don’t always make that goal but try to aim for it! Really the key is just cardiovascular health for me (not weight loss) as I have a lot of heart health issues in my family and want to be proactive in taking care of this now. One really cool sidenote on this is that I will be celebrating my birthday by taking my 100th cycling class! 🚲

Another important thing that happened this past year is that I started going to therapy again. After my gram passed away, I realized the need for it and really, it was the best decision!

My therapist and I talked through ways to work through my anxiety and grief and together identified that creating digital media always has been such a fun side passion for me and really it is a form of therapy in and of itself. I don’t always post here on the blog, as much as I used to (but still enjoy it) but really enjoy posting photos and videos on my Instagram and Tiktok…so ensure to check me out there, too!

All in all, a lot of good things happened this past year and here’s to looking ahead at making 31 another year full of growth, accomplishments, and memories. 😊

Thank you for being along for the journey!



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