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Savings Made Simple with Amex Offers

October 29, 2020

I am always looking for the best deals and my husband jokes that my slogan is #dealsfordays. Now please bear in mind that I’m no extreme couponing queen…but I always love a bargain! When I found out about a benefit called Amex Offers that American Express offered a few years back, I was pretty stoked to say the least!

Amex Offers is a feature for American Express card holders that gives cardholders special deals for a slew of different companies. All I have to do is log on to my account and scroll down to Amex Offers.

Note: If you are logged on the Amex mobile app, there is an Offers tab at the bottom of the screen.

Choosing Offers

There are a ton of different offers to choose from! These offers change all the time and range from including restaurants all the way to cash back on cruises. Talk about awesome!

Currently, I have two offers added to my card as I was researching which printing company that would be best for my Save The Dates.

Once you save an offer, simply shop at that retailer with your Amex card and hit the minimum spend amount before the expiration date! Check the terms and conditions of each offer as some retailers may allow you to reach the minimum spend amount with multiple transactions. The terms also outline special rules that are specific to that retailer. For example, sometimes the offer is not valid on gift card purchases (but most times you are able to buy a gift card with the offer.)

After you make your purchase, American Express will send you an email (at lightning speed…seriously, within minutes) letting you know that you used your Amex offer!

Here is a list of some of the offers that I have redeemed:

  • JcPenney
  • Walmart
  • Verizon
  • Petco
  • Chewy
  • Best Buy
  • Royal Caribbean
  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s

All in all, I have saved a whopping $1,662 by using Amex Offers over the past few years!

If you already have an Amex card, I highly suggest you check out your offers! You can save a ton of money at places you already shop. Don’t forget to combine deals by using Raise, Rakuten, and RetailMeNot, too!

Sign Up for an Amex Card!

If you don’t already have an Amex card and want to sign up, click here for my referral offer. You will get the current offer for the Blue Cash Preferred card (as of today 1/6/19, that is $250 cash back after spending $1,000 within the first 3 months). I will also get a referral bonus, which will probably go to buying things for my cats. You know, the logical things in life.

I recently upgraded to the Blue Cash Preferred card as I received an upgrade offer for an extra $250 cash back if I hit a $2,000 spend. A few differences between the cards is that my old card, the Blue Cash Everyday, only gave me 3% back on groceries versus the 6% that this card offers and 3% back on gas purchases versus . If you are not a frequent grocery shopper, the $95 annual fee for the BCP card may not be worth it. In that instance, you should check out the Blue Cash Everyday card…which has a $0 annual fee. And you STILL get awesome cash back Amex Offers, as well as the aforementioned 2% cashback on gas and 3% cashback at U.S. supermarkets.

If you want to check out other cards with my referral code, click on View all Cards with a Referral Offer and then choose what type of card you are looking for.

The cash back/points offer is dependent on the card that you select and may be different than the one mentioned above.

Amex Offers are just another tool that I have in my savings toolbox, as I often pair up my Amex Offers with savings sites, such as Rakuten. Be check to check your offers often, as they do update frequently.

Here’s to happy savings!

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