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Poshmark: How To Make Extra Cash

November 17, 2020

Who doesn’t have old clothes, shoes, purses, and other accessories in their closet which are just sitting there and collecting dust? Also, who doesn’t love some making some extra cash? A relatively easy way to do this is through a company called Poshmark.

You may think of eBay when you think of selling items online and I used to, as well. While the process to sell things on eBay is fairly straightforward, I feel like it is such a hassle when weighing my items and the fact that the shipping price is different for buyers depending on their location. Sure, you can offer free shipping or flat-rate shipping to customers but then you risk losing a portion of the sale.

Poshmark does all of that work for you. You simply take photos of whatever you want to list and fill out the listing details.

Once you have a few listings, your closet will look something like this:

Poshmark Screenshot

Currently, Poshmark allows you to sell the following:

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Makeup
  • Handbags
  • Jewelry
  • Accessories
  • Home items
  • Wholesale items

But the thought of a selling site where I never had to weigh a thing was pretty darn enticing.

I became a “posher” in May of 2016 but honestly didn’t start doing anything with my account until 2017 when I really wanted to start getting rid of the clothes and accessories that I never wore.

So how much did I make in 2017?

$259.20. I thought that was amazing for things that I never wore and/or used. But I still didn’t make use of the sharing features or follow others, which is what I learned was the key to Posh success.

I made it a goal in 2018 to become a Posh Ambassador. Basically, this is a fancy title that is supposed to get you more followers through a specific algorithm. But obtaining this mystical title is no easy endeavor. No, sirree.

To become a Posh Ambassador, you must:

  • Have 5,000 community shares and 5,000 self-shares
  • Share 50 Poshers who are new to the community
  • List a minimum of 50 items 
  • Sell 15 items
  • The average purchase rating must be over 4.5 
  • Ship time must be under 3 days
  • Give a “Love Note” after you make a purchase

This doesn’t seem like a lot but the process took me months to get all of the shares completed. However, what I learned from that experience is that sharing is caring.

Quite literally, though.

The more items you share from other closets, the more they will share your items. Meaning, you have a much higher likelihood of actually making sales.

Getting Posh Ambassador Status

When I finally received the coveted status, I immediately had a huge jump in my Poshmark following. However, I didn’t see an increase in sales. Instead, I started sharing more items from those following me. In turn, I started getting a lot more sales.

Now, I make it an effort to share clothes, shoes, and more every single day. If it is in my Poshmark feed and I actually think it is share worthy, I will go ahead and share! If I have a massive sharing spree, I am almost guaranteed to get some likes on my closet.

Total Earnings (through 12/26/2020)

As of today, I made $1,610 on Poshmark. I didn’t consistently start making sales until 2018, though.

That was after I started being diligent with my sharing, following, and the “Make an Offer” setting.

Now I haven’t talked about that feature yet. This feature allows your to make offers to those who have liked a specific closet item. You need to mark the item down 10% in order to send an offer and discount the shipping.

I know, this seems pretty steep. But trust me, it definitely helps you make sales! At the end of the day, I am a happy camper if I make $5 less but sell the item versus it staying in my closet for another 10 months.

Recapping Poshmark

Poshmark can be a great tool to help you not only make some extra side cash but also to clean out your closet.

Just remember my tips:

  • Try to share as many items as you can
  • Follow other Poshers
  • Utilize the “Make an Offer” tool often
  • Do not get discouraged if it takes you a while to make your first sale!

You can download Poshmark in the your phone’s App Store by clicking here. If you sign up using my code Tiffay108 we both get a $5 credit. Woot for savings!

Happy Poshing!! 🙂

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